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    • Automatic eluent series
      Automatic eluent series
      The touch mode programmable micro-computer automatic control has the advantages of high automation, safety and stability, strong anti-vibration and so on. The whole suspension structure of cylinder block is adopted to provide vibration protection. T
    • Industrial Washing Machine Series
      Industrial Washing Machine Series
      Bedroom drum type, inner and outer drums are refined with high quality stainless steel plate, smooth and bright, corrosion-resistant, small wear and no damage to the fabric, long service life of the machine; The inner cylinder door cover is equipped
    • Industrial Dehydrator Series
      Industrial Dehydrator Series
      The unique tripod pendulum structure can avoid the vibration caused by unbalanced load. The gallbladder is made of stainless steel plate, which is strong and durable. Special brake opening and closing arm device, good braking performance, safe and
    • Industrial dryer series
      Industrial dryer series
      With the automatic control device, the whole drying process can be completed automatically by selecting the drying time and stopping alarm. Rotary drum is made of high quality stainless steel, beautiful and smooth, durable. Large open door design,
    • Flattening Machine Series
      Flattening Machine Series
      1. The ironing machine is a horizontal box structure with two ends. The drum is refined from high quality stainless steel plate. It has fast heat transfer, smooth ironing, no pollution and damage to cloth. 2 The drive, steam intake and drainage sy
    • Sanitary Isolated Washing Machine
      Sanitary Isolated Washing Machine
      1. Large screen dot matrix liquid crystal display and intelligent control system are adopted, and a good man-machine dialogue interface between Chinese and English is provided. 2. Complete 5 folds under computer monitoring. The number of folds can b
    High degree of automation, safety
    Touch-type programmable microcomputer automatic control has the advantages of high automation, safety and stability, strong anti-vibration and so on.
    Strong corrosion resistance and durability
    Rotary drum is made of excellent stainless steel with strong corrosion resistance and durability.
    Strong vibration resistance
    Using the international suspension structure of cylinder block, the original rigid shock design was replaced by the combined shock absorber structure of compression spring and hydraulic damper.
    Stable, reliable and pollution-free phenomena
    This machine is fully enclosed, front loading and unloading cloth, back water intake air pollution-free phenomenon. Special frequency conversion motor and famous brand frequency converter are used to make the machine run smoothly and reliably.
    Strong R&D strength
    Widely praised in the industry
    We have R&D team, washing manufacturing system, various washing technology to solve problems and other R&D capabilities.
    Twenty-five years of industry experience, to solve the needs of nearly a thousand enterprises washing equipment customization technology, Maintain steady strength in technology all the time.
    Improving Design Ability
    Providing integrated solutions
    Tongjiang Washing has attracted numerous enterprises from the aspects of structure design, function design and appearance design.
    Tongjiang washing provides one-stop service of design, manufacture, installation and commissioning.
    Strength of Scale Production
    The annual output is as high as 1500 sets.
    Strong technical force, the company has a number of excellent scientific research technology and management professionals, can provide customers with good pre-sale, in-sales and after-sales service, strong security performance.
    Close after-sales service
    7*24-hour technical support
    To meet customer needs, optimize product performance in time and enrich product functions to meet customer needs.
    7*24-hour technical support service, timely solution of various problems in product application.
    Application of Tongjiang Washing
    Tongjiang Washing Customizes Industry Application Solutions for You
    Taizhou Tongjiang Washing Machinery Factory is located in Senbei Industrial Park, Taizhou. It was founded in 1996. After more than 20 years of continuous development, it has become a well-known manufacturer of washing equipment in textile and garment industries in China. In the same industry, it has passed the ISO 9001-2000 quality management system certification, and the EU CE security certification, enjoying the right of self-import and export. The company has hundreds of employees and 30,000 square meters of workshop area. It has complete processing means. It can complete conventional metal...
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